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Snakes. Why’d it have to be snakes?


I am writing this post at the risk of my own roleplay that I have spent TIRELESS hours on and poured so much heart and creativity into I could cry. I am writing this post at the risk of losing everything I have built as a RPH. I stand to lose everything with this post but you know what? It’s worth it if I can reveal a snake for who she really is and hopefully save others from this same grief. I am asking my followers to please, please, please read this. Maybe even reblog so others can avoid this mess.

It’s for the security of your own roleplaying, especially if you’re into celebrity RPs. There is a wolf in sheep’s clothing masquerading as an ally. She will take your RPG’s goals, subpages, and ideas and mutate them into her own. Take it from my own grief with this person: stay far far away from Celebrity Vancouver and Pretenders RPA. Below the cut you will find my ordeal with her laid out, her admissions of trolling, and exactly how she bends her own RPG’s rules to boot members because of her personal feelings. With plenty of screen caps to back it up.

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An apology

This was meant to be sent at the same time as my History of Florabella post last night but tumblr’s a bitch and didn’t send it so I’m sending it now.

Because I know my shipping ways have offended in the past, I’m sure some people have been crossed by the post and a few things in it, so here’s my apology/explanation.

First off, please remember that this is all taken from almost two years ago. Two years ago, things were quite different, the fandom was much smaller, the pictures rarer and I was much, much, younger. 

Secondly, YES I know NOW that the picture used in ne of the post isn’t of Isa and Flo. Back in the days, two years ago, I made the mistake. I learned quickly it wasn’t Flo and that was it. I am merely posting it now because it does still play a part in the chronology of things.

Lastly, and that’s the part I know a lot of you might get iffy about. I would like to officially apologize for the things young me said about Stuart. Re-reading it was a bit cringy to be honest. I was young and very obsessed. I have grown and anyone who’ve been following me for a long time knows that I’ve always, in any further relationships Flo was in, been able to separate real life and my shipping. I am a very very faithful follower of the “As long as Florence is happy, so am I” line of thought. What I said back then about Stuart was, indeed, the kind of thing I now deplore in fandoms, and I do apologize that I had to say this to get to Florabella.

That all being said, I still ship Florabella all the fucking way until the day I die because they’re just THAT CLOSE to being Canon it hurts. And I hope a put a few of your minds at ease. If you’re still upset about my shipping ways, well I’m sorry. 

I’m sorry about not having posted anything for the fanfic lately. I,ve been very abnomally busy, that wasn’t planned. next chapter is coming soon. But while you wait, here have a post relating the history of the creation of Florabella and everything. Yep. I creeped all the way back in my blog just to find this for you.

"It would be too frightening for me to consider myself a role model. But I like the idea of not being afraid of letting your imagination rule you, to feel the freedom of expression, to let creativity be your overwhelming drive rather than other things." - Florence Welch

My mum looks like Flo’s mum… then why don,t I look like Flo or Grace?

My mum looks like Flo’s mum… then why don,t I look like Flo or Grace?


Florence + The Machine fans, Coke Live Music Festival, 10th August 2013, Poland. 

"Thank-you so much Poland. You were truly amazing. GLITTER-BOMBS 4 EVERYONE. X" - Florence Welch.

Seriously you guys are the best ever. I wish I was Polish just so I could be with you.  I FEEL YOU, POLISH FANS!